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Murano glass

In our shop, we sell only handmade jewelry. All necklaces, pendants and braceletts are made of original Murano glass and are produced in our glass-blowing manufactory on Murano, the little island close to Venice that is famouse for its wonderful blown glass products. Here, the glass pearls and other glass objects are still made with the same ancient procedure as hundreds of years ago. Nobody is in a hurry, everybody takes his time and if you enter one of the glass blowing workshops you suddenly feel as if you are back in the "good old times", far away from the hustle and bustle of normal daily routine.

Every single glass pearl is handmade and therfore unique and really beautiful.

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Enjoy our beautiful jewlery. Every necklace and pendant is an individual item and you get exactly the article you see on the fotos. We love our jewelry and are not in a hurry, too. So we take our time and pack the articles with care in our nice colored boxes with nice ribbons. A wonderful gift for a beloved woman, a person you really care for and someone you want to give a treat with a very special surprise.

How to place an order

We know that German is a really difficult language... so we would like to help you and explain you step by step how to order a product.

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